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June 5, 2021

Their main job was to take tourists around. However, the global outbreak of the corona virus has prevented tourists from visiting. Tourism entrepreneurs of Sauraha are being harassed to raise useless elephants. The relief has been distributed to the elephants of Sauraha just like the relief has been distributed to the unemployed people with the objective of making it easier for them to raise elephants who have to spend more than one lakh rupees a month. Two conservationist organizations have provided the elephants with regular food and lentils. The materials were distributed in Sauraha on Friday in a joint effort of Nepal Elephant Walk Sanctuary and Gentle Giants Stay Home Project, which has been working in the field of elephant conservation. In the process, 1,025 kilograms of chickpeas and 820 kilograms of molasses were given to the elephants through Rishi Tiwari, chairperson of United Elephant Management Cooperative, said Sudha Dhakal, chairperson of Nepal Elephant Walk Sanctuary. The materials were given to 41 elephants in Sauraha. Elephants, like humans, do not have enough food right now, 'she said, adding,' That's why we've done a little to help. ' The United Elephant Management Cooperative of Sauraha, which has been operating more than 60 elephants, now has less than 40 elephants. A few months ago, more than a dozen elephants were sold in India due to problems with rearing in the previous year's lockdown.

Elephants in Sauraha, Chitwan, have been jobless since the Corona epidemic began.: News
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