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Treasurer/Board Director 

I was born and brought up in Chitwan. I have spent all my childhood enjoying the natural diversity of Chitwan and playing around the lush forest of Chitwan National Park (CNP). That might be one of the reasons that I have intense love towards animals and my beloved ones always call me “Animal Lover".

Among all the animals, I have a special connection with an elephant. I remember my father narrating a religious story about “Lord Ganesha” during my early life. I was really blown away by how the young Ganesha ended up having the head of an elephant, since then my whole life I have visualized an elephant as god.

Elephants being one of the most endangered animals I was privileged to see them thousands of times in different places like Chitwan National Park, the Elephant breeding camp or in Local festivals. It has been always an important part of my life, somehow.

I always wanted to contribute some kind of help for animal protection but I was completely unaware regarding the process.

When my friend Sudha and Salim approached to me regarding NEWS, in no time I agreed to work with them.

I really appreciated the idea of protecting elephants with the concept of animal walk rather than elephant ride. I believe working in this project would be dream come true for me.

“Let’s walk with the Elephants”

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