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Nepal is a mystical country, of breathtaking mountains (the Himalayas) and lush jungles. Many people visit Nepal every year, hoping to catch a glimpse of Mt. Everest or even climb the world's highest peak. But few people know that Nepal is also home to over 200 critically endangered Asian Elephants. Sadly, life for most of these intelligent and emotional creatures is anything but wonderful.

Comfortably situated on the outskirts of lush Chitwan National Park in Nepal (an area rich in natural beauty and biodiversity), NEWS aims to create a 100% ethical and humane sanctuary for the many hard working, elderly and ailing elephants in the region.


At NEWS, elephants will not be forced to give rides, bathe with tourists, put on shows or be chained. They will have access to proper veterinary care and have the ability make their own choices. With generous help from experts around the world and you, Nepal Elephant Walk Sanctuary can become a reality.

LEASED LAND AREA: 510,300 square feet

FENCED AREA: 109,350 square feet

ELEPHANT GRAZING AREA: 5,030,100 square feet

The Sanctuary: About Us

Nepal Elephant walk Sanctuary || Engineering Site Survey

The Sanctuary: Video

Nepal Elephant Walk Sanctuary || Meghauli-27 || Jungle Visit

The Sanctuary: Video
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