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I strongly believe that Nepal Elephant Walk Sanctuary (NEWS) would not only help rescue many captive elephants and prevent unnecessary torture of these lovely creatures but also help send a strong message to the wider world that nature is for everyone and we all should co-exist in love and harmony.

At the beginning, I pursued a Master’s in Business Studies in the hope of becoming a successful businesswomen or entrepreneur. To that end, I started a self-driven resort at the heart of tourist site, located in Sauraha, Chitwan. There, I saw several groups of businessmen using animals, such as elephants, for monetary gain, especially in the form of elephant riding. Seeing that, I felt pity and was against it, but I was unable to voice my opinion. Then, I met Coranne, who came there as a volunteer in an elephant health camp around mid-2016. My time with Coranne not only changed my viewpoint about animals but also motivated me to speak up and do something about it. As per her ideas, which I also agreed with completely, we began to work on how to improve the current status of elephants in this region.

In 2017, we began to work towards elephant walking to change the mindset of people to how we can also enjoy animals without harming them. Our venture became successful and we were able to motivate others to reduce the torture to elephants. However, it was not enough. Those elephants, who were used previously for riding purposes and tormented both physically and emotionally, went on the verge of losing their precious lives. The number of captive elephants kept on increasing and the new issue of possible extinction of elephants arose. This demanded an immediate action, otherwise the next generation would only be able to enjoy elephants in magazines or media files. Hence, the idea of an elephant sanctuary began.

Although there are lots and lots of hurdles in creating such a co-existing environment for both animals and mankind, this elephant sanctuary certainly helps to be an icebreaker. Hence, we urge each one of you to think on behalf of these lovely animals and to extend your precious help in any shape or form. So that our small deed can make a greater impact and we can give a beautiful gift to future generations.

SUDHA DHAKAL: Team Members
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